A lot of kissing or just… some kissing?

Some reviewers have pointed out that there’s a lot of kissing in Lily’s Handmaid. Perhaps even… *gasp*… too much kissing! They may not be entirely wrong.

I like kissing scenes, so there’ll be a bunch of them in the new project as well. However, many of them will be hiding behind player choices! Get your mouse or keyboard or guitar controller at the ready! Essentially, the sex scenes will be somewhat more simulation-ish. That is to say, there’ll be choices, parameters, unlockables, and that kind of stuff (disclaimer: probably).

Yes, more content.

I’m thinking of making a few “afterstories” for Lily’s Handmaid. These short episodes will take place after the canon ending (if you have played the game, you can probably guess which one of the endings it is) and they will be accessible from the main menu once you have reached the said ending.

The new short stories will also feature new graphics, so it will take a while to make them. I estimate that the update will be ready for release in early June. And just to be clear, the main story won’t be affected in any way.

Updating the website

In anticipation of the second visual novel, I’m making some changes to structure of the website. That being said, I’m not actually going to add much stuff before the new project is ready to be announced on Steam. With the current development pace, I expect to launch the Steam store page in late November or early December.

Edit (5th December): I will postpone the launch of the Steam store page to January.