Her name is…

… Jenny.

Whose name? Oh, that girl’s name.

Succubus Research Diary will get another content update that will be all about Serena’s “secondary profession.” And that girl, Jenny, happens to be one of Serena’s newest clients. Whatever it is that the two women will do together, it’s for certain that they won’t be wearing too much clothing while doing it…

The update will be ready for release in late November or early December. Probably the latter.


I had a hunch that the achievement “No” might not become hugely popular, but I almost spilled my coffee in the morning when I saw this. Maxing out everything is almost twice as popular as declining Serena’s invitation a few times. What it is that you do in the bedroom…?

Edit: Now No is even more rare. Oh No! No pun intended.

Edit2: Updated the achievement description.

Succubus Research Diary announced!

The upcoming visual novel is (finally) unveiled! The protagonist of the story is none other than Sarah’s mother, Serena!*

*Well, if you’ve been reading this blog, you probably knew that already.

Follow Serena to the depths of the Underground, where she meets the cute and kindhearted succubus, Nerisha. For one reason or another, the two women soon find themselves having an intimate relationship…

Check the Steam store page for further information!

Flowery interface

The name-still-yet-to-be-announced new project will have a rather flowery look. I’m going to (and already have, to some extent) fill the user interface with plants and flowers. Having bright colors all over the screen would be a bit too much, though, so I think I’ll settle for a stylish(?) dark look.

By the way, the font will be the same that I used in Twin Blue Moons. It’s my favorite serif font. If you can recognize it, you are allowed to wear a smug smile for 30 seconds.