Working on something new.

And by something, I mean a game. Or two games.

Despite having spent most of Q4 2021 making content updates for Succubus Research Diary and Lily’s Handmaid, I’ve been planning a new game as well. And now that the said updates have been released, I’ve started working on the new project more seriously. Or, at least, more actively.

But there’s a minor problem.

The problem is (as always) is that I have way too many ideas of what I want to have in that game. Even after countless plot drafts (yes, I didn’t bother counting them), there’s still too much stuff to put in a single game that I could develop in a reasonable time. I may solve this problem as I usually do and just remove a lot of stuff (*cry*), OR, I might make two games with the same central characters.


For now, I’m going to deal with the problem in the way that problems are usually dealt with: postpone it. At this point, it doesn’t really matter whether I will make one or two games around the same theme. There’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done regardless of that decision.

Bath Time?

I’ve been working on two projects recently. One of them is my secret new project. It’s so secret that even I don’t know much about it for sure, so let’s leave it at that for now. The other project is Lily’s Handmaid. It will get another content update. It’s already the fourth one, and it will probably be the last. The theme of the update is bathing… but not quite the everyday kind of bathing. At least for most people. The update will be ready for release in late December or early January.

Her name is…

… Jenny.

Whose name? Oh, that girl’s name.

Succubus Research Diary will get another content update that will be all about Serena’s “secondary profession.” And that girl, Jenny, happens to be one of Serena’s newest clients. Whatever it is that the two women will do together, it’s for certain that they won’t be wearing too much clothing while doing it…

The update will be ready for release in late November or early December. Probably the latter.


I had a hunch that the achievement “No” might not become hugely popular, but I almost spilled my coffee in the morning when I saw this. Maxing out everything is almost twice as popular as declining Serena’s invitation a few times. What it is that you do in the bedroom…?

Edit: Now No is even more rare. Oh No! No pun intended.

Edit2: Updated the achievement description.