Who is that girl?!

It seems that Serena has found (yet) another cute girl. But what are the two up to? Something totally wholesome and innocent, surely…?

The screenshot above has something to do with Ending 1 of Succubus Research Diary. What could it possibly be?

Succubus Research Diary version 1.1.0: Little Epilogues

This is a content update that adds epilogues to the game: one for each ending. Find out what Serena and Nerisha are up to shortly after the endings!

This update adds the following:

  • More content: approx. 5000 words and 3 event CGs (+23 variants)
  • 2 new achievements
  • New functionality in the ‘Sex Scenes’ gallery: shortcuts to endings and epilogues

There are two ways to access the new content:

  1. Reach an ending and you’ll see a new choice that leads to the respective epilogue.
  2. If you have already reached at least one ending, you’ll find a new button in the ‘Sex Scenes’ gallery that opens a list of shortcuts that lead to the endings and epilogues.

May your mana reserves be sufficient.

Copypasta from Steam ends here.

It took quite a few hours to test this new version. There was a really strange bug that caused one of the new achievements to be… unachievable. I eventually managed to fix it, though. Everything should function just as intended now. Probably.

Coming Soon: Little Epilogues

Succubus Research Diary will get a content update in a couple of weeks. As the title suggests, the upcoming update will add epilogues to the game: one for each ending. It is to be expected that Serena and Nerisha will have some “non-platonic fun” in these follow-up episodes…

These new episodes will be similar to the Epilogic Episodes of Lily’s Handmaid in terms of content. Only that this time none of the endings will be marked as the canon ending.

I’ve already finished making one of the epilogues and the second one is well on its way. I think that I can start working on the third one before the end of this week.

Edit (2 Oct): Two epilogues completed, started working on the third one.