The Story Continues

If you’re an enthusiastic succubus researcher, there is good news and good news for you. No bad news at all. Yay!

The first piece of good news is that Succubus Research Diary will get still get at least two more free content updates. The next update is coming out in early September!

September 6, 2022: Version 1.4.0: An Old Friend

The release date (or even month) of the fifth content update, however, is still yet to be decided, because it will connect the story of Succubus Research Diary with the yet-to-be-announced next Arcus Plume game. The update will probably come out shortly after the announcement of the new game.

The second piece of good news is that Serena and Nerisha will make their appearance in the above-mentioned next game as well! Not as major characters, though. How do they end up in that game? Play the upcoming updates to find out!

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So, yeah, the adventures of the nice but naughty duo will still continue. I like Serena and Nerisha so much that I couldn’t resist the temptation to have them in the new project as well. But what will they have to do with the arranged marriage of Miranda and Eleanor? That remains to be seen…

Succubus Research Diary version 1.3.0: Nerisha’s Services

It’s Nerisha’s turn to be the protagonist! The story so far has been told almost exclusively from Serena’s point of view. But not this time! It’s time for the cute succubus Nerisha to bask in the spotlight! Oh, and she will also meet Jenny for the first time. And not only meet her…

Nerisha’s Services is essentially a sequel to Serena’s Services (added in version 1.2.0). To Nerisha’s dismay, the new content can be found in the Serena’s Services submenu.

New things in a nutshell:

  • New event art
  • New 7000 word story featuring Nerisha as the protagonist!
  • New achievements

How to access the new content?

The Serena’s Services submenu can be accessed after reaching Ending 1. Nerisha’s Services becomes available after playing the first episode of Serena’s Services. The final episode requires you to play all other episodes first.

P.S. Nerisha’s Services along with the earlier added Serena’s services expanded the story in a new direction as well as introduced a new character to the game. What did you think about these two updates? Consider mentioning them in a review or post your thoughts in the new feedback thread.

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I had a lot of fun writing the story this time. Even I wasn’t sure beforehand what would happen when Nerisha and Jenny meet each other. But for some reason it didn’t really surprise me that the young succubus turned out to be just as cute as usual even when doing “business.” Jenny, on the other hand, seemed to be on a (relatively) good behavior…

Now then, it’s about time to start working on my newest project again…

Succubus Research Diary Trading Cards

Succubus Research Diary became eligible for the virtual goodies known as Steam Community Items a while ago. And now they are ready and approved for release! If you are planning on exploring the Underground, take some Trading Cards, Badges, Emoticons, and Profile Backgrounds with you. That’s what the renowned explorer Serena would certainly not do!

  • The trading cards feature the main characters and the rooms of Nerisha’s home.
  • The badges are modeled after Nerisha’s garden plants.
  • The backgrounds feature Serena and Nerisha, Underground scenery, and decorative plant designs.
  • The emoticons are succubus-themed items such as horns, wings, and hearts.

You can also find the profile background and emoticons in the Points Shop (if you can’t find them in there, please check your adult content settings).

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As promised, here they are. Amazingly enough, Valve didn’t ask me to make any changes to the assets this time. Could it be that I’m learning how to make them properly?

Anyway, in other news, Succubus Research Diary will get another content update as well. I had decided after releasing the second update that I will start working on the third when the game becomes eligible for trading cards. And, well, now is the time. My new project will have to wait for a while.

Succubus Research Diary version 1.2.0: Serena’s Services

The second content update is here! Serena’s Services expands the story in a new direction as well as introduces a new character, Jenny, to the game.

What does Serena do to make the big bucks and what does it have to do with Jenny? It’s time to find out!

New and shiny things:

  • New character, background, and event art
  • New 5000 word story about Serena’s business with Jenny
  • New achievements

How to access the new content?

You will find “Serena’s Services” in the main menu of the game. If you have already reached Ending 1, you can access the new content right away. If not… well, you know what to do. Or not do.

Copypasta from Steam ends here.

Well, I wrote in the previous post that the update will be ready for release in late November or early December. It’s December 1 now so I guess that it wasn’t a half bad estimate. Much better than those that I’ve made previously…