ProjectE #5: Maid Family

Another two characters from the new game: chief maid Helen (left) and her daughter Laura. Sofia is part of the maid family as well: she’s the younger daughter of Helen and the half-sister of Laura.

Helen is an intelligent and composed woman, highly skilled in running a household, organizing social events, and taking care of any kind of paperwork or financial matters. In fact, she’s such a perfect maid that one has hard time believing the things she was, and did, when she was younger. However, as interesting and eventful her past may have been, Helen doesn’t like to talk about it… at all.

Laura is a diligent and attentive maid who looks up to her mother. She takes all maid duties very seriously, but the one she truly enjoys is gardening. She is introverted and rarely very talkative (unless someone asks her about gardening), but she does actually possess good social skills, thanks to her mother. Laura thinks of both Sofia and Eleanor as her cute, if somewhat mischievous, little sisters.

ProjectE #4: Lady and Maid

Introducing two characters from the new project: Lady Eleanor (left) and her handmaid Sofia. The two women were born on the same day and they have literally spent their whole lives together. As such, they are very much like sisters, or even twins, despite being formally in a mistress-maid relationship.

Eleanor is a charismatic and cunning young noblewoman who enjoys being the center of attention. Although she’s both whimsical and mischievous, she always takes the interests of her noble family in account before acting.

Sofia has a cute and playful personality and she loves her mistress more than anything. She’s very protective of Eleanor and always keeps a close eye on people who approach her dear mistress.

By the way, Eleanor is the main heroine of the game. She will also become the wife of the protagonist (the story is about an arranged marriage, after all). But that is not to say that conquering her heart will be easy. In fact, she may end up being the most difficult character to romance…

ProjectE #3: Happily ever after?

Many love stories end with a wedding scene. After that, the main characters will just live happily ever after, and absolutely nothing that could possibly interest the audience will ever happen again. Unless there’s a sequel…

This is not the case when it comes to my new project. I’m thinking of starting the story with a wedding scene. And living happily ever after is not guaranteed.

As you may guess, the story is going to be about an arranged marriage. Nobility marries money… or something like that. But it’s not going to be just about two characters. Both the protagonist and her wife might just have multiple love interests hanging around. There will be at least six characters and each one of them will do their best to make the marriage as troublesome interesting as possible…

ProjectE #2: 6-9, 69

I’m thinking of having at least 6 characters in the new game I’m working on, but there could be as many as 9. And to be totally honest, I have toyed with the idea of having a whopping 15 characters in the game, but, yeah, that is not going to happen. Too much work… =_=

Once I’m done designing the six most important characters and their outfits etc., I’ll start drawing the backgrounds. While I do that, I will consider if any of the not-so-important characters deserve a promotion to an important character. Hmm… there is at least one likely girl…

And what has 69 to do with anything? It remains to be seen.

ProjectE #1: Working on something new.

And by something, I mean a game. Or two games.

Despite having spent most of Q4 2021 making content updates for Succubus Research Diary and Lily’s Handmaid, I’ve been planning a new game as well. And now that the said updates have been released, I’ve started working on the new project more seriously. Or, at least, more actively.

But there’s a minor problem.

The problem is (as always) is that I have way too many ideas of what I want to have in that game. Even after countless plot drafts (yes, I didn’t bother counting them), there’s still too much stuff to put in a single game that I could develop in a reasonable time. I may solve this problem as I usually do and just remove a lot of stuff (*cry*), OR, I might make two games with the same central characters.


For now, I’m going to deal with the problem in the way that problems are usually dealt with: postpone it. At this point, it doesn’t really matter whether I will make one or two games around the same theme. There’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done regardless of that decision.