ProjectE #10: The Gate to Somewhere

No, that’s not actually the name of the gate. It’s just a gate leading to a small forest area behind the mansion. Still, something interesting might just happen in that forest. At least, if you ask a biologist.

I’ve finished making the outdoors backgrounds and now I’m in the process of drawing the rooms of the mansion. I’m afraid that Eleanor’s bedroom has turned out to be very pink… but comfy. It’s not quite the sort of room you’d expect a young noblewoman to have. But then again, mysterious are the ways of nobles.

By the way, all the blog posts related to the new project now have “ProjectE #[post number]” in their title, making it perhaps easier to follow them. Or harder. Who knows?

ProjectE #9: A glimpse at the mansion

This is a part of a background image for the new game, featuring the mansion where the noble family and their maids live. It’s very violet, isn’t it? And there are some strange pools of water in the front yard. Hmm… I’m sure that there is a perfectly good reason for all the strangeness.

Anyway, I’ve been spending most of my time drawing backgrounds lately. Although I try not to make too detailed images, it still takes quite a lot of time to make them. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t take the same shortcut as many indies and just use stock images to do the job. Well, I guess that the main reason for that is that the world I’m trying to create through my games wouldn’t feel quite as fascinating (to me) if it looked like a generic fantasy/isekai world.

Philosophical considerations about backgrounds aside, shouldn’t I be working on the upcoming update for Succubus Research Diary? To be honest, the update was already like 95% complete when I announced it. It’s just that since the first anniversary of the game is pretty close, I thought that I might as well release the update on that day.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have more backgrounds to draw.

ProjectE #8: The Mysterious Woman

Here comes the eighth character of the new project. And… *ahem*…

This character is still bit of a mystery, even to me. More specifically, I’ve yet to decide her exact role in the game. She’s neither a maid nor a noble but she’s involved in the business that Julie runs. And she won’t make her appearance early on. That much is for sure. She will probably start off as a supporting character such as Nadya in Lily’s Handmaid. However, she may end up having her own adventures such as… well… Nadya.

Her name? Even that is yet to be decided. I have three candidates but I’d rather not reveal them at this point. Hmm… I will probably have to make another blog post about this character later. Once, you know, she’s not as mysterious anymore.

In other news, I’ve been planning something Succubus Research Diary related recently. I might make a post about these plans as soon as next week.

ProjectE #7: Like mothers, like daughter

The character introduction series continues with Eleanor’s mothers. These two fine ladies are called Nadila (left) and Julie. Having been brought together by an arranged marriage in the past, their relationship has never been a very passionate one. However, what they may lack in romantic feelings for each other, they make up for in friendship. They also share a deep love for their only child.

Julie is a member of an old noble family that traces its roots to one of the founding mothers of the city of Thenas. She spent most of her youth training martial magic and all of her twenties pursuing her career as a Hunter. She was already in her early thirties when she finally agreed to marry one of the wife candidates that was offered to her. But even after giving birth to Eleanor, she still dedicated most of her time to her profession… until something happened. A certain incident involving her young child made Julie quit as a Hunter and look for something else to do. She eventually found a new passion in running a club that offers special services to wealthy ladies. Julie has become considerably more rounded and soft-mannered compared to her Hunter years, but she’s still scary if she gets angry…

Nadila is a gentle, affectionate, and peaceful woman who comes from a wealthy merchant family. She was only eighteen when she married the iron-willed Hunter that was Julie. Their marriage was awkward at first but, mostly thanks to Nadila’s persistence, Julie started to open her heart to her young wife.

Having spent most of her life as Julie’s housewife, Nadila has had a lot of time on her hands. She has used this time appropriately to acquire a large network of friends and acquaintances. Nadila also likes reading and studying and has an impressive knowledge of many subjects despite not having a higher education. She sometimes gives private tutoring to her relatives’ and acquaintances’ children. It just happens that even Miranda has studied together with “Aunt Nadila.”

Perhaps it’s starting to get obvious that the white-and-yellow theme is related to the noble family in question? It’s actually also related to the Church of Light that has been mentioned several times in the earlier Arcus Plume games. Speaking of which, if you’re wondering why Eleanor has two mothers or what is a Hunter etc., you might find these things out by playing Lily’s Handmaid or Succubus Research Diary. Just saying.

ProjectE #6: Better half or worse half?

This blue-eyed beauty is Eleanor’s wife-to-be, Miranda. She also happens to be the protagonist of the new project.

Miranda is a daughter of a wealthy merchant family. She’s lazy but smart and perceptive, an opportunist of sorts. Rather than working hard toward a fixed goal, Miranda will rather bide her time and wait for a good opportunity to present itself. And lucky as she is, things tend to turn in her favor sooner or later.

Miranda’s positive attitude and amiable character make her popular among her peers; she tends to get along with pretty much everyone. However, her natural laziness extends to her social life as well: she rarely makes the effort to invite others or arrange social events. Perhaps it should be also mentioned that, despite her otherwise high social skills, Miranda lacks experience in romantic relationships. An experienced woman might use this to her advantage…

By the way, you may notice that she’s wearing similar golden yellow ribbons as Eleanor. Surprisingly enough, this is not a coincidence. But what is the meaning of these ribbons? Stay tuned to find out! Well, that’s one the great many things you can find out by playing the game (when it comes out).

P.S. I added “ProjectE” tag to all blog post related to the new project. You can find them here.