It takes a line or two…

It’s not a piece of postmodern art. Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s something to make sure the style remains a bit more… old-fashioned?

Perspective is a tricky thing, but a few lines can be helpful. A few dozen lines even more so.

Project S will take place in a mansion, so most background graphics will be rooms. Unlike natural environments, architecture tends to look rather poorly made if drawn freehand. Or maybe it’s just me. Well, at least I don’t have to use a ruler to make all those lines.

It starts with number one! Versions 1.00.0, 1.00.1

Version 1.00.0

After the final full check, a handful of misplaced commas and two typos were fixed. No bugs were found this time.

This was supposed to be the build for the launch day, but…

Version 1.00.1

Of course there had to be one more rare bug. When using the SMaRTPhone in a certain event, the following thing happened:

Press Makai Wiki –> Return –> Press MaPS —> Return —> Press Makai Wiki

And Voila! Makai Wiki displayed the MaPS starting screen instead of the appropriate Wiki image. Well, it’s fixed now.

Beta build 0.99.8: Two Bugs in Hiding

After hours and hours of searching, two rarely occurring bugs were identified and fixed. Certain combination of player choices caused the following:

  • One optional phone interaction didn’t become properly active.
  • Three phrases were duplicated.

A few grammatical errors and a typo or two were fixed as well.

This is (hopefully) the final beta build. Unless something totally unexpected happens, the next version will start with number one!


We have begun the final testing phase of Twin Blue Moons. Everything is in place and working (mostly?) as intended.

Steam store page and new trailer are under construction and will be publicised within the next two weeks. The release date of the full game will be announced soon as well.