Lots of scenes

Yes, lots of them. And I’m afraid that I’m not talking about family-friendly scenes.

The adult scenes in Succubus Research Diary will be largely choice-based. More specifically, the player can pick 3-5 sex acts each time the characters dive into bed together. There are 15 different sex acts to choose from, most of which have to be unlocked first. Each sex act has 5 short scenes associated with it, so there will be a total of 15×5 = 75 scenes to choose from.

Despite the game having a large number of sex scenes, I’ve put a lot of thought into each of them. Although there won’t be a lack of moaning and all that, there will also be some interesting (and sexy) dialogue in each of the scenes. So far, 60 out of 75 scenes are complete, and I’m quite satisfied with how they’ve turned out.

By the way, the total word count of the adult scenes is currently about 20000, and I suspect that it will go up to 25000 once I’ve written the rest of them. The whole game will be 50000-60000 words long, so… *ahem*… the adult scenes will make up a considerable portion of it.

Succubus Research Diary release postponed to August

Succubus Research Diary will be released in August instead of June. There are mainly two reasons for this change. First, the earlier estimate was too optimistic (not to say unrealistic) to begin with. Second, the game will be somewhat longer than initially planned.

I believe that the extra time investment is worth it to make Succubus Research Diary a better game.

Thank you for your patience (if you have any to spare).

Copypasta from Steam.

Hmm… Mmm…

The development of Succubus Research Diary has been progressing at a pretty good pace. For one reason or another, it has always seemed to be easier to do long hours in springtime. Nevertheless, I’ve realized that I will have to postpone the release of the game at least one, and probably two, months. The reason is for this rather undramatic: I had underestimated the amount of work remaining. I will announce the new estimate of the release date next month.

P.S. The post title has nothing to do with “onion knights” of any sort.

Lily’s Handmaid version 1.3.1

The hunt for grammatical errors continues… after a rather long break. This is a small update that makes the game 0.05% more grammatically correct.

While working on Succubus Research Diary, I realized that I had repeated a certain small grammatical error multiple times in Lily’s Handmaid. Surely there is no better way to commemorate the March equinox than make the world a tiny bit more grammatically correct?

Development status

The new project has been progressing steadily (if not quite as speedily as I had hoped). So far, I’ve finished making all interface graphics and character sprites, as well as marketing art, and programmed the new functionalities (that will, as hinted in an earlier post, make the game slightly more simulation-ish). In fact, the game looks complete enough that it could fool a player to think that it’s a finished product… for a short while, anyway. In other words, there’s a certain lack of content at the moment. I intend to do something about that.

By the way, I’m thinking of opening the Steam store page within two months from now. The actual release date will be somewhere around three months after that (give or take half a year).

Edit (February 22): Roughly 30% of the game is currently in a playable state. The overall progress is 60-70%. I’m going to work (at least) one more week on the game itself before starting to prepare the store page ready for the announcement. This should mean that the grand opening of the store page will happen… soon?