ESH #41: Redhead’s return

Although I spent most of June working on the new project, I’ve been doing something related to Eleanor’s Handmaid as well:

Welcome back, Lady Nadila. You didn’t make it to the main story, but…

I said not long ago that I was not planning on making content updates for Eleanor’s Handmaid, but I changed my mind, just like that. The reason is that I came up with some delicious scenarios involving the character Nadila (who doesn’t appear in the main story despite often being referred to). She’s a compassionate but rather wild lady whose actions may, at times, seem strange to those who are cursed with too much common sense.

I cannot say when the update will be ready for release, but it won’t affect the main story in any way, so go ahead and play it. I will make it so that the extra content will be conveniently accessible to both new players and those who have already cleared the game.

Eleanor’s Handmaid version 1.0.1

Fixed a minor achievement-related issue.

  • It should no longer be possible to get the achievement for having seen all endings while missing any of the other ending-related achievements.
  • The game will now check for missing achievements when launched and grant them to you if necessary (this should only happen if you have reached an ending but returned to Main Menu or quit the game before the end of the credits sequence).

The problem was that the achievement triggers were placed after the credits sequence but the progress on endings was stored before the credits. So, if you completed an ending but returned to Main Menu or scrolled back or quit the game before the credits sequence had ended, the game would remember that you have reached that particular ending despite not having given you the respective achievement. I changed this so that the achievement for an ending is given at the same time as the game flags that ending as “completed.”

This update is only for the Steam version for reasons that I hope are obvious.

Eleanor’s Handmaid is now available on Steam and!

The time has finally come! Eleanor’s Handmaid can now be purchased on Steam or, whichever you prefer. The game was in development for longer than any of the previous Arcus Plume games, and not the least because it has more content than any of them initially had (i.e., before post-launch updates). Of course, another reason is that I made many content updates for Succubus Research Diary and Lily’s Handmaid during that time as well…

Anyway, here are the store links!

By the way, I should probably mention that (unlike in the case of my two previous games), I’m not currently planning on making any major content updates for Eleanor’s Handmaid. The game has quite a decent amount of content already. However, I’m thinking of continuing the story in one way or another in the next game that I’ve recently started working on. I cannot give any details about that yet, though.

Have a nice summer, folks! If it’s not hot enough where you live, perhaps Eleanor and her maids can be of assistance…?

ESH #40: About Eleanor’s Handmaid’s release

As I mentioned earlier, I’m thinking of releasing Eleanor’s Handmaid on as well. I’ve actually prepared the store page and set up the game there already. It’s almost ready for release (but not publicly visible yet, so it won’t show up in the search).

I will try to make the game available on both Steam and at the same time. The price in USD will be the same in both stores, but depending on your region and local currency, the Steam version may be cheaper. The game build is essentially the same in both stores, but there are some differences in their functionality:

  • Steam version has achievements and cloud saves
  • version runs on older versions of Windows as well (7 or newer) and it’s available in some regions where the Steam version is not

Now then, it looks like the preparations for Eleanor’s Handmaid’s release are nearly complete. Perhaps I could afford to spend a few days working on my secret new project…