Succubus Research Diary version 1.5.0: The Grand Finale

The Serena’s Services story arc ends with a bang! (Disclaimer: no explosions included.)

This content update isn’t called The Grand Finale for no reason. It’s not only the final update but also easily the biggest one. With a word count of over 11000 words, it’s approximately as big as the two previous updates combined! Of course, there’s plenty of new art as well!

The mysterious noblewoman Lady Julie was briefly seen in the previous update, but now it’s time for her to get into action. Be warned that she’s a woman who can’t be easily stopped once she has gotten started…

New things in a nutshell:

  • New character and event art
  • Lady Julie starring in the new 11000 word story
  • New achievements

Other changes and fixes:

  • A handful of typos fixed in previously released content
  • Some small tweaks to in-game menus

How to access the new content?

Serena’s Services can be accessed after reaching Ending 1. You’ll have to play most of the previously released episodes to unlock the final episodes. If you have already done so, Episodes 7 and 8 are waiting for you!

In other news

  • Arcus Plume has a newly-opened developer page on Steam. You’ll get a notification of new releases if you click the follow button.
  • The next Arcus Plume game will be announced in Q1 2023. Lady Julie is one of the major characters of the game! Who knows if there will be other familiar faces as well…

And finally…

Have fun playing The Grand Finale.

As always, comments and reviews are much appreciated.

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(I’ll add my usual random comment about something here later on. Maybe tomorrow?)

Coming Soon: The Final Update

The biggest, sexiest, and finalest update is just around the corner! Approximately 85% complete at the time of writing this, the update will be ready for release in early December. It will be more than twice as big as the previous content update and feature the enigmatic Lady Julie. The Serena’s Services story arc will finally reach its conclusion! Stay tuned!

Copypasta from Steam ends here.

Despite the story arc being called Serena’s Services, Nerisha has a bigger role than Serena this time as well. Hmm…

Edit (Dec 3): The update is essentially complete now. There’s still some work to do like testing and adding the achievements to Steam and writing the announcements etc., but those shouldn’t take very long. Expect to see Lady Julie in action soon…

1.5.0 Underway

I’ve been working on the next Succubus Research Diary update for a while now and it is approximately 30% complete at the moment. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the ladies pictured above are already finding the update quite… enjoyable. What could it be that they are up to?

ProjectE #12: Interface, 2nd iteration

Having finally finished making all the background images, I started messing with the interface graphics. The screenshot above shows the second version of the basic dialogue UI (don’t ask about the first one…). You may notice that it’s pretty similar to that of Succubus Research Diary, and that’s the point, really, because I like SRD’s interface.

Now, the second screenshot shows where the theme of the interface comes from. See those torii-like gates covered in vines? Yep.

On a side note, I may have to reduce the brightness and contrast of the backgrounds slightly so that the character sprites will stand out better.

The UI may yet change if I come up with a better idea, but I think that it looks pretty good now. For the time being, I’m going to spend some time making event stills as well as promotional images for the game. So that it could be, well, announced eventually. Oh, and I think that I’ll start making the 1.5.0 update for Succubus Research Diary pretty soon as well. Hmm… It’s going to be a busy Q4.

ProjectE #11: Time-of-day variants

Unlike Succubus Research Diary, the new project is going to need time-of-day variants of the background images. I’ve been making daytime and nighttime versions of the backgrounds so far, but it would be pretty nice to have sunset variants as well. I will have to consider whether or not it’s worth the time investment. Another option would be to use sunset backgrounds only in certain events. Perhaps such events would be a bit more dramatic if sunsets had some rarity value. Hmm…

Anyway, I’ve yet to draw all backgrounds, but I’ve been doing some other stuff as well. I’ve coded the basic functionality of the game (which included… *ahem*… a lot of copy-pasting from Succubus Research Diary and Lily’s Handmaid) and written the script for the first half an hour or so of the game (and I did it twice because I wasn’t satisfied with the first version). So, yeah, it’s already playable, only that there’s not so much content yet. Perhaps I’ll post some screenshots soon-ish.

P.S. Yes, those “mushrooms” are actually lamps. Why would anyone use an ordinary lamp when you can use a perfectly acceptable pink mushroom lamp?