Chatting with Nyanko: Nothing

<Maya>: Hmm…

<Nyanko>: Hm? What is it? Nyanko’s soooo interested! 😀

<Maya>: Umm… nothing. I was just thinking out loud… >_<

<Nyanko>: More like thinking out visually? textually? typographically? xD

<Maya>: Mmm… yeah. Anyway, I think I just managed to catch my lost thoughts before they wandered off too far =0

<Maya>: Maybe it pays to think out textually every now and then ^_^

<Maya>: And get a reaction ;O_O

<Nyanko>: Nyahahaha! You should be thankful to me! xD

<Maya>: Thanks a lot, Nyanko.

<Nyanko>: Nya… xD

<Nyanko>: You’re welcome 8)

Chatting with Nyanko: Crystal Ball

<Nyanko>: Maya-nyaa?

<Maya>: Yeah?

<Nyanko>: You know anything about crystal balls? *o

<Nyanko>: I found Rin’s old ball in the attic, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly :S

<Maya>: Can you see anything at all? 😮

<Nyanko>: Nyanko keeps seeing a big fiery eye on top of a tower >_<;

<Nyanko>: The eye-nyaa keeps saying something about a ring…

<Maya>: Uh… never heard about that O_O I’ll ask if Nami knows something…

<Maya>: Nami’s saying that it’s a known malfunction in some old crystal ball models.

<Maya>: Apparently most manuals recommend throwing the said ring into the nearest menacing fiery pit, but it can be also fixed by submerging the crystal ball in a bathtub =_=

<Nyanko>: Nyahahaha! I think I’ll try the latter one!

<Nyanko>: Thanks, Maya-nyaa *.*

Chatting with Nyanko: Tail

<Maya>: Say, Nyanko… how does it feel to have a tail? =0

<Nyanko>: Nyaaa? =0 Nmmm… I’ve had a tail as long as I can remember so it is difficult to say… x_x How does Maya-nyaa feel about having a hand? Two, even.

<Maya>: Hmmm… =0

<Maya>: I can certainly feel that the hand exists and I can move it around like I wish but… most of the time it’s actually kind of moving around on its own… :S

<Nyanko>: Nyahaha! Maybe Maya’s hand has a will of it’s own! 😀

<Maya>: Well, it’s not like that. I can control my hand directly if I wish, but usually it is on automatic mode… of sorts? Surely other people must have it this way as well?

<Nyanko>: Maybe, maybe! There might be a secret control center somewhere that controls everyone’s hands when they are not being controlled directly *.*

<Maya>: Can’t disregard that possibility =.=

<Nyanko>: Nyaha! About the tail…


<Nyanko>: Well, it’s like having a hand, except that it’s not a hand but a tail. 😀

<Maya>: Mmm…

<Maya>: Secret Tail Control Center…

Chatting with Nyanko: “Tsundere”

<Nyanko>: Maya-nyaa! 😀

<Maya>: Just ‘Maya’ is fine…

<Maya>: Uh, this is probably the 1000th time I say that >_>

<Nyanko>: Mmmmmyes! Nyanko gets a prize?! Nyaa xD

<Maya>: I should be the one getting the prize… really.

<Maya>: Anyway, what’s up?

<Nyanko>: Mmmm… the Sun is. O_O

<Nyanko>: Oh, but I was going to ask Maya-nyaa something!

<Maya>: It’s not about cat food again, is it?

<Nyanko>: Uhh… Rin said Nyanko’s not going to get anything with catnip in it for a while ;_;

<Maya>: …

<Nyanko>: Mm… but that’s not it. I heard this word “tsundere”

<Nyanko>: What the nyaa that means?

<Maya>: Nothing to do with nyaa, certainly.

<Maya>: It’s a kind of strange personality =.

<Nyanko>: Like Nyanko? Nyahaha xD

<Maya>: Strange all the same, but certainly nothing like Nyanko =_=

<Nyanko>: ;_;

<Maya>: It’s a kind of person who likes someone but keeps acting all cold and spiky.

<Nyanko>: Ah! A stupid person 😛

<Maya>: Err… more like shy and clumsy.

<Nyanko>: You should smile at the people you like! And hug them 😀

<Maya>: Well said ^o^

<Maya>: Anyway, for some strange reason the tsundere types often tie their hair to twintails.

<Nyanko>: Elementary school girls often do that. D’you think they are “tsunderes”? 😀

<Maya>: They are probably too young to have such troublesome personalities.

<Nyanko>: Thought so xD

<Nyanko>: Mmmmnyaamm.

<Maya>: Really? ;0

<Nyanko>: I’m gonna ask Rin to make me twintails, too!

<Nyanko>: But worry not, Nyanko’s gonna stay soft and warm! And nyaa! 😛

<Maya>: Huh, good luck with that. A bit less “nyaa” wouldn’t hurt though. I_I’

<Maya>: Oh, and send me a picture when you are done 😀

<Nyanko>: YesNyaa!