Chatting with Nyanko: “Tsundere”

<Nyanko>: Maya-nyaa! 😀

<Maya>: Just ‘Maya’ is fine…

<Maya>: Uh, this is probably the 1000th time I say that >_>

<Nyanko>: Mmmmmyes! Nyanko gets a prize?! Nyaa xD

<Maya>: I should be the one getting the prize… really.

<Maya>: Anyway, what’s up?

<Nyanko>: Mmmm… the Sun is. O_O

<Nyanko>: Oh, but I was going to ask Maya-nyaa something!

<Maya>: It’s not about cat food again, is it?

<Nyanko>: Uhh… Rin said Nyanko’s not going to get anything with catnip in it for a while ;_;

<Maya>: …

<Nyanko>: Mm… but that’s not it. I heard this word “tsundere”

<Nyanko>: What the nyaa that means?

<Maya>: Nothing to do with nyaa, certainly.

<Maya>: It’s a kind of strange personality =.

<Nyanko>: Like Nyanko? Nyahaha xD

<Maya>: Strange all the same, but certainly nothing like Nyanko =_=

<Nyanko>: ;_;

<Maya>: It’s a kind of person who likes someone but keeps acting all cold and spiky.

<Nyanko>: Ah! A stupid person 😛

<Maya>: Err… more like shy and clumsy.

<Nyanko>: You should smile at the people you like! And hug them 😀

<Maya>: Well said ^o^

<Maya>: Anyway, for some strange reason the tsundere types often tie their hair to twintails.

<Nyanko>: Elementary school girls often do that. D’you think they are “tsunderes”? 😀

<Maya>: They are probably too young to have such troublesome personalities.

<Nyanko>: Thought so xD

<Nyanko>: Mmmmnyaamm.

<Maya>: Really? ;0

<Nyanko>: I’m gonna ask Rin to make me twintails, too!

<Nyanko>: But worry not, Nyanko’s gonna stay soft and warm! And nyaa! 😛

<Maya>: Huh, good luck with that. A bit less “nyaa” wouldn’t hurt though. I_I’

<Maya>: Oh, and send me a picture when you are done 😀

<Nyanko>: YesNyaa!

Character Highlight: Nyanko

Miss Shirakawa, as talented as she may be, used to be a fairly ordinary young mage at the Academy of Magic.  However, one day her life changed abruptly as a lost human spirit invaded her pet cat Nyanko and fused with its soul into a Magical.

Nyanko used to have a habit of waking miss Shirakawa up in the morning by climbing on her stomach and purring loudly.  On the fateful morning, she was woken up not by the cat, but by a young girl with cat ears and a tail instead. Although she first dismissed it as a dream, miss Shirakawa soon realized what had just happened.

As a well-read scholar miss Shirakawa was aware that the law required her to either adopt the newborn Magical as a daughter, or give her away to officials. Although she slightly hesitated at first,  Nyanko’s childish frolic and unchanged affection towards her soon awoke miss Shirakawa’s motherly instinct.

Nyanko couldn’t remember almost anything from the previous life of her human part and insisted to keep the same name as the former pet cat. As a newborn Magical, her mental age was determined to be close to a human 5th grader. Soon enough, she started her school life at the Academy’s elementary school.

Years passed and Nyanko entered the senior high school, where she befriended with a red-haired aspiring young mage, Maya. Together they would pull pranks and have little adventures, only to be scolded by miss Shirakawa afterwards. Even after graduating, Nyanko and Maya would actively keep in touch with each other, sharing their funny moments and sometimes even seriously discussing magics.

Makai Wiki #1: Magicals

Magicals are hybrid souls, born when spirits of the dead invade living creatures. Unconsciously the spirit seeks a familiar lesser lifeform, typically an animal or a plant, and attempts to take residence in its physical container.

For nearly all dead people will move on to the Realm of the Dead, it is a rare occurrence that one will become an unstable spirit capable of invading other physical bodies. The exact conditions are unknown, but strong attachments to the material world seem to play a big part. Ironically, though, newborn Magicals typically lose most of their memories when their soul merges with a soul of a lesser creature. Additionally their mental ability and general knowledge usually reverts to preteen level.

As their name suggests, Magicals tend to have extraordinary magical abilities. They are almost always capable of shapeshifting and typically take a humanoid form with some distinctive features from the host organism.

In big cities it is not unheard of that someone’s pet becomes a Magical. Although this naturally causes some confusion, the modern law states that the pet owner must either adopt the newborn Magical or bring her to the nearest Academy of Magic. Many choose to adopt, because the Magical inherits the former pet’s feelings towards it’s master. Some do not, though, for the same reason.

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