Makai Wiki #9: The Great Abyss War (part 1)

The four sorcerers who created the Makai were never very friendly with each other. Some people would go so far as to claim that even the creation of Makai, the greatest spell ever cast, pales in comparison to the fact that the four actually agreed to cooperate on something. As such, it was not totally unexpected that they started having disputes over the control of Makai soon after it’s creation. Disputes that escalated to conflicts and eventually, an all-out war later to be known as the Great Abyss War.

Being ageless, the four sorcerers,  by the time of creating Makai known as the Four Goddesses, were not much concerned about the passing of time. They were much concerned about their own safety, though. After all, living extremely long requires staying alive extremely long. As such, each of them took their time to build nearly impenetrable defenses and raise a large army. Only then, they really started to launch their attacks on the others…

Development status

The blog is back from Bahamas! The development itself never went there in the first place.

Current status of the game is as follows:

  • Roughly two thirds of the game is completely ready and playable.
  • A total of three endings can be reached in its current state.
  • A playable demo version of the game is complete and will be released as soon as we set up our store page in Steam.

The remaining routes are in various stages of development. The final version of the game will have 8-10 endings (depending on whether or not certain two bad endings are included).

Our initial plan was to release the game in October, but now we see that it will not happen without compromising the content. Hence, we postpone the release to late 2017 or early 2018.