A lot of kissing or just… some kissing?

Some reviewers have pointed out that there’s a lot of kissing in Lily’s Handmaid. Perhaps even… *gasp*… too much kissing! They may not be entirely wrong.

I like kissing scenes, so there’ll be a bunch of them in the new project as well. However, many of them will be hiding behind player choices! Get your mouse or keyboard or guitar controller at the ready! Essentially, the sex scenes will be somewhat more simulation-ish. That is to say, there’ll be choices, parameters, unlockables, and that kind of stuff (disclaimer: probably).

Lily’s Handmaid version 1.3.0

The third content update adds a side story that follows the nightly adventures of the housemaid Nadya! For one reason or another, Nadya often finds herself in the bedrooms of her fellow maids and the mistress of the house…

Nadya’s Nightlife is split into three episodes that will be unlocked at certain points of the main story. If you have already played Lily’s Handmaid and reached any of the four endings, you should find all three episodes available in the main menu.

There’s a new screenshot on the store page, showing a glimpse into one of the nightly adventures of Nadya!

(Copypasta from the Steam store page ends here.)

Will there be more content updates after this one? As always, the answer is the convenient “maybe.”

But for now, I’m going to spend my time working on the new project.

Coming soon: Third content update

I decided to put the new project on hold for a while and make another update for Lily’s Handmaid. Unlike so far, Sarah and Lily won’t have major roles. The protagonist of the new content will be the housemaid Nadya.

There are several mentions about Nadya’s little nightly adventures in the main scenario, many of which involve a certain blonde maid. It’s those “adventures” that will be featured in the upcoming update. There will be a total of three episodes.

My optimistic estimate is that the update will be ready for release within two weeks, but it might take longer.

New Project

Sarah’s mother. Succubi. The Underground.

I’ve been working on a new game for a while now. The keywords above indicate its relation to Lily’s Handmaid. I’m hoping to give more detailed information in a couple of months.

Lily’s Handmaid version 1.2.1

A small update that fixes a minor bug and corrects a couple of dozen grammatical errors.

One in-game menu would sometimes not display correctly because there were two variables modifying something that only one should have. I should think that most players have never encountered this bug, but still, it’s fixed now.

I also did yet another grammar check for the whole game script and, indeed, found a bunch of things that needed correcting. Well, roughly half of them were just missing or misplaced commas.