ProjectE #15: Bathing

Part of an event CG: Lady Eleanor (middle) bathing with her handmaid Sofia (right) and the maid chief Helen (left).

This probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has played Arcus Plume games before, but there will be lots of bathing scenes in the new game. Lots of them. There are mainly two reasons for this: 1) I love bathing and 2) bathing is a good excuse to get naked without actually doing anything naughty (even though it is entirely possible to do naughty things in a bath…).

On a side note, I’ve had an health issue that has rather hindered my ability to work or do anything much in the past few days. I’m getting better now and I’m hoping to resume to my regular schedule within a couple of days. All in all, the development of the new game won’t be slowed down too much.

ProjectE #13: This should come handy

OK, back in business. Making the final update for Succubus Research Diary took quite a while, so the new project hasn’t exactly been on a roll lately. Until a few days ago, that is.

The first thing I did on returning to Project E has something to do with Sofia’s character sprite. Here is a screenshot that I have posted before:

And here is a new screenshot:

What has changed? Sofia’s left hand is in a different position.

The fact that two important characters who are often seen together had so similar poses had been bothering me quite some time. Remaking all 5 clothing variants for Sofia took me a couple of days, but I think that it was worth the trouble. Now I can finally sleep well knowing that the two cuties above won’t look too silly together.

Succubus Research Diary version 1.5.0: The Grand Finale

The Serena’s Services story arc ends with a bang! (Disclaimer: no explosions included.)

This content update isn’t called The Grand Finale for no reason. It’s not only the final update but also easily the biggest one. With a word count of over 11000 words, it’s approximately as big as the two previous updates combined! Of course, there’s plenty of new art as well!

The mysterious noblewoman Lady Julie was briefly seen in the previous update, but now it’s time for her to get into action. Be warned that she’s a woman who can’t be easily stopped once she has gotten started…

New things in a nutshell:

  • New character and event art
  • Lady Julie starring in the new 11000 word story
  • New achievements

Other changes and fixes:

  • A handful of typos fixed in previously released content
  • Some small tweaks to in-game menus

How to access the new content?

Serena’s Services can be accessed after reaching Ending 1. You’ll have to play most of the previously released episodes to unlock the final episodes. If you have already done so, Episodes 7 and 8 are waiting for you!

In other news

  • Arcus Plume has a newly-opened developer page on Steam. You’ll get a notification of new releases if you click the follow button.
  • The next Arcus Plume game will be announced in Q1 2023. Lady Julie is one of the major characters of the game! Who knows if there will be other familiar faces as well…

And finally…

Have fun playing The Grand Finale.

As always, comments and reviews are much appreciated.

Copypasta from Steam ends here.

To be honest, the main reason I put a lot of emphasis on the word “final” was to convince myself not to make any more content updates for the game. It’s about time I started focusing on the new project. Although, I think that I’ll chill out for a couple of days now. The current below-freezing-point temperature in Finland is suitable for that.