Better half or worse half?

This blue-eyed beauty is Eleanor’s wife-to-be, Miranda. She also happens to be the protagonist of the new project.

Miranda is a daughter of a wealthy merchant family. She’s lazy but smart and perceptive, an opportunist of sorts. Rather than working hard toward a fixed goal, Miranda will rather bide her time and wait for a good opportunity to present itself. And lucky as she is, things tend to turn in her favor sooner or later.

Miranda’s positive attitude and amiable character make her popular among her peers; she tends to get along with pretty much everyone. However, her natural laziness extends to her social life as well: she rarely makes the effort to invite others or arrange social events. Perhaps it should be also mentioned that, despite her otherwise high social skills, Miranda lacks experience in romantic relationships. An experienced woman might use this to her advantage…

By the way, you may notice that she’s wearing similar golden yellow ribbons as Eleanor. Surprisingly enough, this is not a coincidence. But what is the meaning of these ribbons? Stay tuned to find out! Well, that’s one the great many things you can find out by playing the game (when it comes out).

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Maid Family

Another two characters from the new game: chief maid Helen (left) and her daughter Laura. Sofia is part of the maid family as well: she’s the younger daughter of Helen and the half-sister of Laura.

Helen is an intelligent and composed woman, highly skilled in running a household, organizing social events, and taking care of any kind of paperwork or financial matters. In fact, she’s such a perfect maid that one has hard time believing the things she was, and did, when she was younger. However, as interesting and eventful her past may have been, Helen doesn’t like to talk about it… at all.

Laura is a diligent and attentive maid who looks up to her mother. She takes all maid duties very seriously, but the one she truly enjoys is gardening. She is introverted and rarely very talkative (unless someone asks her about gardening), but she does actually possess good social skills, thanks to her mother. Laura thinks of both Sofia and Eleanor as her cute, if somewhat mischievous, little sisters.

Lady and Maid

Introducing two characters from the new project: Lady Eleanor (left) and her handmaid Sofia. The two women were born on the same day and they have literally spent their whole lives together. As such, they are very much like sisters, or even twins, despite being formally in a mistress-maid relationship.

Eleanor is a charismatic and cunning young noblewoman who enjoys being the center of attention. Although she’s both whimsical and mischievous, she always takes the interests of her noble family in account before acting.

Sofia has a cute and playful personality and she loves her mistress more than anything. She’s very protective of Eleanor and always keeps a close eye on people who approach her dear mistress.

By the way, Eleanor is the main heroine of the game. She will also become the wife of the protagonist (the story is about an arranged marriage, after all). But that is not to say that conquering her heart will be easy. In fact, she may end up being the most difficult character to romance…

Succubus Research Diary version 1.3.0: Nerisha’s Services

It’s Nerisha’s turn to be the protagonist! The story so far has been told almost exclusively from Serena’s point of view. But not this time! It’s time for the cute succubus Nerisha to bask in the spotlight! Oh, and she will also meet Jenny for the first time. And not only meet her…

Nerisha’s Services is essentially a sequel to Serena’s Services (added in version 1.2.0). To Nerisha’s dismay, the new content can be found in the Serena’s Services submenu.

New things in a nutshell:

  • New event art
  • New 7000 word story featuring Nerisha as the protagonist!
  • New achievements

How to access the new content?

The Serena’s Services submenu can be accessed after reaching Ending 1. Nerisha’s Services becomes available after playing the first episode of Serena’s Services. The final episode requires you to play all other episodes first.

P.S. Nerisha’s Services along with the earlier added Serena’s services expanded the story in a new direction as well as introduced a new character to the game. What did you think about these two updates? Consider mentioning them in a review or post your thoughts in the new feedback thread.

Copypasta from Steam ends here.

I had a lot of fun writing the story this time. Even I wasn’t sure beforehand what would happen when Nerisha and Jenny meet each other. But for some reason it didn’t really surprise me that the young succubus turned out to be just as cute as usual even when doing “business.” Jenny, on the other hand, seemed to be on a (relatively) good behavior…

Now then, it’s about time to start working on my newest project again…