ESH #41: Redhead’s return

Although I spent most of June working on the new project, I’ve been doing something related to Eleanor’s Handmaid as well:

Welcome back, Lady Nadila. You didn’t make it to the main story, but…

I said not long ago that I was not planning on making content updates for Eleanor’s Handmaid, but I changed my mind, just like that. The reason is that I came up with some delicious scenarios involving the character Nadila (who doesn’t appear in the main story despite often being referred to). She’s a compassionate but rather wild lady whose actions may, at times, seem strange to those who are cursed with too much common sense.

I cannot say when the update will be ready for release, but it won’t affect the main story in any way, so go ahead and play it. I will make it so that the extra content will be conveniently accessible to both new players and those who have already cleared the game.