ProjectJ #1: A serene bathhouse

The next Arcus Plume game will take place in an establishment that just happens to have good bathing facilities. And a lot of beds–for whatever reason. Maybe something is going to happen on the said beds?

I haven’t decided on the game’s name yet, so I call it ProjectJ for the time being. One can only guess why I chose the letter J.

The protagonist of the game will be a university student called Ayame (I assure you that you haven’t seen the girl before. It must have been your imagination). She likes dark and edgy things, but unfortunately, she can’t wear black and spiky clothes for family reasons…

40°C is hot. I wouldn’t enter a bath even one degree above that temperature.

This isn’t 100% sure yet, but I’m thinking of having this girl in the game as well:

Laura?! What are you doing in… er… “Laura’s room”?

Additionally, a certain woman from Succubus Research Diary is very likely to make an appearance in the game (but I will design a new sprite image for her). I’m thinking of having five characters in total, three of which will be new characters.

The game will be shorter than any of the already released Arcus Plume games (and cheaper as well). I want to make a game that won’t take longer than 7-9 months to develop. I’m… er… moderately confident that I might just be able to make it within that time limit!

P.S. Everything in the screenshots is subject to change. The game is still in a very early development phase.