Eleanor’s Handmaid version 1.0.1

Fixed a minor achievement-related issue.

  • It should no longer be possible to get the achievement for having seen all endings while missing any of the other ending-related achievements.
  • The game will now check for missing achievements when launched and grant them to you if necessary (this should only happen if you have reached an ending but returned to Main Menu or quit the game before the end of the credits sequence).

The problem was that the achievement triggers were placed after the credits sequence but the progress on endings was stored before the credits. So, if you completed an ending but returned to Main Menu or scrolled back or quit the game before the credits sequence had ended, the game would remember that you have reached that particular ending despite not having given you the respective achievement. I changed this so that the achievement for an ending is given at the same time as the game flags that ending as “completed.”

This update is only for the Steam version for reasons that I hope are obvious.