ESH #40: About Eleanor’s Handmaid’s release

As I mentioned earlier, I’m thinking of releasing Eleanor’s Handmaid on as well. I’ve actually prepared the store page and set up the game there already. It’s almost ready for release (but not publicly visible yet, so it won’t show up in the search).

I will try to make the game available on both Steam and at the same time. The price in USD will be the same in both stores, but depending on your region and local currency, the Steam version may be cheaper. The game build is essentially the same in both stores, but there are some differences in their functionality:

  • Steam version has achievements and cloud saves
  • version runs on older versions of Windows as well (7 or newer) and it’s available in some regions where the Steam version is not

Now then, it looks like the preparations for Eleanor’s Handmaid’s release are nearly complete. Perhaps I could afford to spend a few days working on my secret new project…