ESH #39: Version 1.0.0

Eleanor’s Handmaid is now out of beta. I’ve spent most of the past two weeks testing the game and checking its script for grammatical and spelling errors, as well as fine-tuning it a bit here and there. I might still make some little tweaks, but the build I uploaded to Steam a moment ago is probably very close to the final version.

I made a new gameplay trailer for the game as well and uploaded it to Steam yesterday. It looks much smoother than the previous trailer and has more “interesting” footage as well. It has the same music, though, because I like it. The piece of music is called 風の街 (kaze no machi) by 音小屋 (otogoya).

By the way, I’ll start distributing review keys to Steam Curators in the following days. If you are a Curator and want to try out Eleanor’s Handmaid, please send me an email (you can send it to the game’s support email address). Ordinary (and extraordinary) players, please wait a little longer. The game will become available to everyone* next week!

*Almost everyone. I can’t do anything about Steam’s regional restrictions.