ESH #38: Eleanor’s Handmaid will be released on the 31st of May!

Eleanor’s Handmaid is now basically complete and approved by Valve. In other words, it’s “just one click away” from release!

However, as tempting as that button is, I’m not going to click it just yet. The game still needs to be checked for grammatical and spelling errors, and to be honest, a few scenes could still use some fine-tuning as well. Also, I’m thinking of making a new trailer using better software (the current trailer has only 30fps, which is why it doesn’t look very smooth).

Although everything will probably be ready in about two weeks, I didn’t feel like setting a tight deadline at this point. Eleanor’s Handmaid will be released on the last day of this month (Steam Curators on my press list will get access to the game a bit earlier).

By the way, I’m looking into the possibility of releasing Eleanor’s Handmaid on as well. I’ll give more details about that at a later date.

Edit: Link to the release announcement on Steam: