ESH #36: Soon…?

It’s been a month since the last blog post, so it’s about time for a status update. The development progress of Eleanor’s Handmaid has been pretty good: the game will have 5 or 6 endings (out of 7) by the end of this month. I think that it’s safe to say by now that it will be complete sometime in April. After that, the preparations for the release (grammar/spell check, review by Valve, possible new trailer, etc.) will naturally take some time as well, but hopefully no longer than 2 weeks.

By the way, the total length of the game would seem to settle somewhere between 80k and 90k words. To put it in perspective, it will be slightly shorter than Succubus Research Diary version 1.5, but considerably longer than version 1.0 of the same game.

Finally, a couple of screenshots because why not?

Sometimes, but definitely not too often.
Just how often do these people bathe? Every day…? Preposterous!