ESH #35: Actually, it’s 7

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Eleanor’s Handmaid will have seven endings instead of six. The bad news is that the seventh ending inevitably requires development time as well. Oh no! But let’s have another piece of good news to soften the blow: I just finished making all the event CGs (including the one for the seventh ending)! That means that the game’s graphics are 100% complete now! Probably! All it needs now is a bunch of words and maybe a little bit of programming. And a bit of this and that to boot.

Now, although I have some kind of plan for each of the remaining endings, I can’t say for sure how long it takes to write (and possibly rewrite) them. My optimistic estimate is that it’ll take a month or so. However, considering my optimistic estimates so far, it’s probably best not to bet a lot of money on it.