ESH #34: The magic number is 6

After some much consideration, I decided that Eleanor’s Handmaid will have six endings. The bare minimum would have been five, but that would have left an interesting coupling unexplored. On the other hand, the number of endings could have easily been greater due to the variety of choices the player makes on the way. Still, I opted for covering the less impactful choices by making some of the endings slightly different based on the exact route the player has taken.

I’m currently working to finish up the ending-related event CGs. Four of the six endings have their graphics ready, the remaining two are still in the planning phase. In a couple of weeks or so, the game will be ready graphics-wise. After that, it’s just writing the endings that I have more or less planned out. That is, unless I get a new idea about something that just has to be implemented (wouldn’t be the first time…)