ESH #33: Ending(s) on the horizon

It’s about time for a little status update. I may or may not have slacked off last week (because of, you know, the holiday season), but the overall development progress of Eleanor’s Handmaid isn’t looking too bad. I think that the game will have an ending by the end of January. Probably even two! But… *ahem*… it will take a while longer to make all the 5 or 6 endings for the game. I’m glad that no one remembers anymore that I said something about the game possibly being ready for release in late January because it won’t. Still, the game isn’t missing much else than the endings now, so there’s definitely hope that it’s not going to take much longer.

By the way, although Nerisha (the main heroine of Succubus Research Diary) is a supporting character this time, she will have a… kind of ending dedicated to her. The screenshot below is not completely unrelated. Something that involves putting on or maybe taking off clothes could be about to happen…

I must say that I like Nerisha’s “mildly surprised” expression very much.