ProjectE/ESH #24: A matter of choice

A part of Eleanor’s Handmaid’s flowchart, oversimplified. The red dots represent choices.

As I may have mentioned before, Eleanor’s Handmaid will have very meaningful choices for the player to make. Roughly speaking, there will be two major routes (Sofia route and Helen route), but neither of them will solely focus on one heroine. Laura and Nerisha will have smaller routes or detours of their own, and additionally, there will be scenes that don’t feature the protagonist (Eleanor) at all, e.g., Sofia x Julie.

Although it’s still far from being completed, the Helen route already has a decent amount of content. In contrast, Sofia needs to do a lot of catching up to reach the point her mother has already progressed to.

“Friendly competition” between Sofia and Helen is one of the main themes in the game.

I intend to spend most of July working on the Sofia route. Laura might get some attention as well. I’ve already planned many scenes involving these characters, but actually making them is never as simple as rolling my face on the keyboard. In fact, rolling my face on the keyboard never seems to be the solution for anything. How strange.