ProjectE/ESH #23: Is that you, Nerisha?

Nerisha has been in the game files for ages already, but now she has finally made her first appearance. Although the player will meet her much later than most other characters, she will have a relatively big role in the story. At least, bigger than I originally intended.

As a succubus hailing from the mysterious realm of the Underground, she only has a basic grasp of the local language in her new work environment. Luckily, most of the other characters can speak Underground Common (indicated by violet text) fairly well. Eleanor (the protagonist) still needs to work on her language skills, though. She tends to make small but amusing mistakes when speaking in foreign languages.

The maid uniform that Nerisha is wearing is specially tailored for her. As mentioned in Succubus Research Diary, succubi feel strangely uncomfortable when they are wearing skirts, pants, or anything else that covers their thighs. Human scholars have yet to reach a consensus on why this is the case…