ProjectE #21: Branching storylines

While Lily’s Handmaid and Succubus Research Diary have a lot of player choices, their main stories are fairly linear. Twin Blue Moons has a more complicated story branching, and I’m going to do something like that in the new game. I took a look at my old project files and found this:

It’s an old flowchart (or part of it, anyway) that I used when developing Twin Blue Moons. It’s not pretty, but it served its purpose.

I already have a pretty good idea how the flowchart of the new game is going to look like, but I’ve yet to make a proper graphical representation of it (other than random sketches in my notebook). I think that I’ll make a prettier flowchart this time and release it to the public at some point, especially if there seems to be a demand for a guide of some sort. It might not be necessary, though, because the character-specific choices will be quite easy to follow this time. For example, all Sofia-related choices will have Sofia’s name written in them in pink color:

Lady Julie has asked something from her daughter Eleanor. What could it possibly be?

In other news, I spent most of last week updating my hardware and my software. I have a new main PC, new OS, new code editor, and a new version of the game engine, among many other things. It took a lot of time to set things up…

By the way, this will probably be the last blog post before the announcement of the new project. I’d say that everything will be ready in two weeks. (But don’t trust a game developer’s word when it comes to time schedules.)