ProjectE #20: One step forward, two steps… forward

That makes a total of three steps. Yes… that sounds about right. I’ve done a lot of Steam-related stuff recently, such as finished all the graphical assets required for the store page and uploaded and tested an early build of the game. While I was at it, I also tested the Steam Cloud saves for the new game and all the older games. As mentioned in the previous very short blog post, the cloud save feature is now available for all Arcus Plume games.

I’ve also made a bunch of new interface graphics for the game, including the main menu and most other menus and selection screens. I’d love to show a screenshot of the main menu, but since it features the cover art and the game logo, both of which are still kind of secret, here’s a screenshot of the help menu instead:

The graphical style is similar to that of Succubus Research Diary, but I’ve drawn all the semi-transparent stylized plants etc. from scratch. The result is fresh enough but suitably Arcus Plume-y.

Now then, there’s still a bit of this and that to do with the store page, but the only major thing still missing is the trailer. I will make a relatively simple gameplay trailer, so it’s not going to be a huge deal of work per se, but before making it I will spend at least a couple of weeks making more content for the game. The reason being, some of the things the trailer should show aren’t just implemented yet. So, it’s time to set my keyboard on fire again. Or maybe not…