ProjectE #19: The more the merrier

Silhouette of the cover image (WIP), featuring a mysterious noblewoman and two mysterious maids.

So far, all Arcus Plume games have featured two characters in the cover art. At first, I was going to follow the tradition, but after careful consideration, I opted for three characters instead. This is because a) all three of them have very important roles in the story and b) the cover art simply looked better with three characters in it instead of two.

I’ve already designed the game logo, so once the cover image is complete I can start making the “capsules” for Steam. These are basically various versions of the cover art used to market the game on the platform. Their vertical and horizontal dimensions vary greatly, so making the cover art look good in each of them is a challenge on its own.

By the look of things, the Steam store page will be more or less ready for the announcement by the end of April, except possibly for the trailer. I’d like to implement a few more things to the game before making the trailer, so it’ll take a while before I start working on it. On the other hand, once I do start making the trailer, the game will be almost complete system-wise (although not content-wise).