ProjectE #16: A (kind of) change of plans

This is something that I have considered a possibility from the beginning of the development, but instead of making one game, I will make two games. The first game will be about Eleanor’s life at the dawn of her adulthood. She will do… *ahem*… a bit of this and that with her maids. The second game will be about the arranged marriage of Eleanor and Miranda, told from Miranda’s perspective. She might also do a bit of this and that with Eleanor’s maids, among other people…

By the way, splitting the project into two parts doesn’t mean that the games will be short. I should think that their word counts will fall somewhere between the final versions of Lily’s Handmaid (65k words) and Succubus Research Diary (97k words). However, this does mean that at least the first game is unlikely to get many content updates after the release since I will be continuing the story in the second game.

Now, what’s up with the development lately? I spent most of January working on the event graphics and I intend to do more or less the same in February. I’m thinking of spending March writing the story as well as programming the game features. Announcing the game on Steam in late March might be possible, but I suspect that it will take longer because preparing the store page is a lot of work as well. April seems more likely at the moment.