The Story Continues

If you’re an enthusiastic succubus researcher, there is good news and good news for you. No bad news at all. Yay!

The first piece of good news is that Succubus Research Diary will get still get at least two more free content updates. The next update is coming out in early September!

September 6, 2022: Version 1.4.0: An Old Friend

The release date (or even month) of the fifth content update, however, is still yet to be decided, because it will connect the story of Succubus Research Diary with the yet-to-be-announced next Arcus Plume game. The update will probably come out shortly after the announcement of the new game.

The second piece of good news is that Serena and Nerisha will make their appearance in the above-mentioned next game as well! Not as major characters, though. How do they end up in that game? Play the upcoming updates to find out!

Copypasta from Steam ends here.

So, yeah, the adventures of the nice but naughty duo will still continue. I like Serena and Nerisha so much that I couldn’t resist the temptation to have them in the new project as well. But what will they have to do with the arranged marriage of Miranda and Eleanor? That remains to be seen…