ProjectE #8: The Mysterious Woman

Here comes the eighth character of the new project. And… *ahem*…

This character is still bit of a mystery, even to me. More specifically, I’ve yet to decide her exact role in the game. She’s neither a maid nor a noble but she’s involved in the business that Julie runs. And she won’t make her appearance early on. That much is for sure. She will probably start off as a supporting character such as Nadya in Lily’s Handmaid. However, she may end up having her own adventures such as… well… Nadya.

Her name? Even that is yet to be decided. I have three candidates but I’d rather not reveal them at this point. Hmm… I will probably have to make another blog post about this character later. Once, you know, she’s not as mysterious anymore.

In other news, I’ve been planning something Succubus Research Diary related recently. I might make a post about these plans as soon as next week.