ProjectE #6: Better half or worse half?

This blue-eyed beauty is Eleanor’s wife-to-be, Miranda. She also happens to be the protagonist of the new project.

Miranda is a daughter of a wealthy merchant family. She’s lazy but smart and perceptive, an opportunist of sorts. Rather than working hard toward a fixed goal, Miranda will rather bide her time and wait for a good opportunity to present itself. And lucky as she is, things tend to turn in her favor sooner or later.

Miranda’s positive attitude and amiable character make her popular among her peers; she tends to get along with pretty much everyone. However, her natural laziness extends to her social life as well: she rarely makes the effort to invite others or arrange social events. Perhaps it should be also mentioned that, despite her otherwise high social skills, Miranda lacks experience in romantic relationships. An experienced woman might use this to her advantage…

By the way, you may notice that she’s wearing similar golden yellow ribbons as Eleanor. Surprisingly enough, this is not a coincidence. But what is the meaning of these ribbons? Stay tuned to find out! Well, that’s one the great many things you can find out by playing the game (when it comes out).

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