ProjectE #5: Maid Family

Another two characters from the new game: chief maid Helen (left) and her daughter Laura. Sofia is part of the maid family as well: she’s the younger daughter of Helen and the half-sister of Laura.

Helen is an intelligent and composed woman, highly skilled in running a household, organizing social events, and taking care of any kind of paperwork or financial matters. In fact, she’s such a perfect maid that one has hard time believing the things she was, and did, when she was younger. However, as interesting and eventful her past may have been, Helen doesn’t like to talk about it… at all.

Laura is a diligent and attentive maid who looks up to her mother. She takes all maid duties very seriously, but the one she truly enjoys is gardening. She is introverted and rarely very talkative (unless someone asks her about gardening), but she does actually possess good social skills, thanks to her mother. Laura thinks of both Sofia and Eleanor as her cute, if somewhat mischievous, little sisters.