ProjectE #4: Lady and Maid

Introducing two characters from the new project: Lady Eleanor (left) and her handmaid Sofia. The two women were born on the same day and they have literally spent their whole lives together. As such, they are very much like sisters, or even twins, despite being formally in a mistress-maid relationship.

Eleanor is a charismatic and cunning young noblewoman who enjoys being the center of attention. Although she’s both whimsical and mischievous, she always takes the interests of her noble family in account before acting.

Sofia has a cute and playful personality and she loves her mistress more than anything. She’s very protective of Eleanor and always keeps a close eye on people who approach her dear mistress.

By the way, Eleanor is the main heroine of the game. She will also become the wife of the protagonist (the story is about an arranged marriage, after all). But that is not to say that conquering her heart will be easy. In fact, she may end up being the most difficult character to romance…