Succubus Research Diary Trading Cards

Succubus Research Diary became eligible for the virtual goodies known as Steam Community Items a while ago. And now they are ready and approved for release! If you are planning on exploring the Underground, take some Trading Cards, Badges, Emoticons, and Profile Backgrounds with you. That’s what the renowned explorer Serena would certainly not do!

  • The trading cards feature the main characters and the rooms of Nerisha’s home.
  • The badges are modeled after Nerisha’s garden plants.
  • The backgrounds feature Serena and Nerisha, Underground scenery, and decorative plant designs.
  • The emoticons are succubus-themed items such as horns, wings, and hearts.

You can also find the profile background and emoticons in the Points Shop (if you can’t find them in there, please check your adult content settings).

Copypasta from Steam ends here.

As promised, here they are. Amazingly enough, Valve didn’t ask me to make any changes to the assets this time. Could it be that I’m learning how to make them properly?

Anyway, in other news, Succubus Research Diary will get another content update as well. I had decided after releasing the second update that I will start working on the third when the game becomes eligible for trading cards. And, well, now is the time. My new project will have to wait for a while.