ProjectE #1: Working on something new.

And by something, I mean a game. Or two games.

Despite having spent most of Q4 2021 making content updates for Succubus Research Diary and Lily’s Handmaid, I’ve been planning a new game as well. And now that the said updates have been released, I’ve started working on the new project more seriously. Or, at least, more actively.

But there’s a minor problem.

The problem is (as always) is that I have way too many ideas of what I want to have in that game. Even after countless plot drafts (yes, I didn’t bother counting them), there’s still too much stuff to put in a single game that I could develop in a reasonable time. I may solve this problem as I usually do and just remove a lot of stuff (*cry*), OR, I might make two games with the same central characters.


For now, I’m going to deal with the problem in the way that problems are usually dealt with: postpone it. At this point, it doesn’t really matter whether I will make one or two games around the same theme. There’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done regardless of that decision.