Lily’s Handmaid version 1.4.0: Maid’s Life

The fourth and (probably) the final content update is here! It’s time to visit the Duskheart Family once more!

This update further expands the epilogue as well as the side story about Nadya’s daily nightly life. In other words, the new things are as follows:

  • Epilogic Episode 5
  • Nadya’s Nightlife Episode 4

These two episodes are strongly related to each other, and together they make up a story of about 5000 words. There are new event graphics, of course, and two new achievements for completing the Epilogue and Nadya’s Nightlife.

It is also worth mentioning that during the story Sarah receives the letter that her mother Serena sent her in Succubus Research Diary…

How to access the new content?

To unlock Nadya’s Nightlife Episode 4, you have to play through the previously added content first:

  • Nadya’s Nightlife Episodes 1-3
  • Epilogic Episodes 1-4

You can access Epilogic Episode 5 once you have played Nadya’s Nightlife Episode 4.

Note: If you have already played through all the previous content, you can access Nadya’s Nightlife Episode 4 right away. This should work even if you’re reinstalling the game (unless you have manually deleted the save data).

Oh, and perhaps it’s not yet too late to say this: Happy New Year!

Copypasta from Steam ends here.

Is Sarah naughtier in these new episodes than ever before… or is it just my imagination? Hmm…