Succubus Research Diary version 1.2.0: Serena’s Services

The second content update is here! Serena’s Services expands the story in a new direction as well as introduces a new character, Jenny, to the game.

What does Serena do to make the big bucks and what does it have to do with Jenny? It’s time to find out!

New and shiny things:

  • New character, background, and event art
  • New 5000 word story about Serena’s business with Jenny
  • New achievements

How to access the new content?

You will find “Serena’s Services” in the main menu of the game. If you have already reached Ending 1, you can access the new content right away. If not… well, you know what to do. Or not do.

Copypasta from Steam ends here.

Well, I wrote in the previous post that the update will be ready for release in late November or early December. It’s December 1 now so I guess that it wasn’t a half bad estimate. Much better than those that I’ve made previously…