Lily’s Handmaid trading cards released!

It took half an eternity a while, but here they are! Lily’s Handmaid now has Trading Cards and the associated Community Items (Badges, Emoticons, and Profile Backgrounds). Now you can collect them, trade them, catch them all, or… well… do whatever it is that you do with them.

  • The trading cards feature all the game characters except Rie because she’s too stealthy.
  • The badges are modeled after the Ribboned Lily and Duskheart symbols.
  • The profile backgrounds feature Sarah and Lily, as well as in-game scenery and some abstract art.
  • The emoticons are mainly stylized images of flowers.

The emoticons and profile backgrounds are also available in the Points Shop.

Copypasta from Steam ends here.

Just as a side note, it might just happen that Lily’s Handmaid gets the fourth content update later this year. Possibly. But don’t bet huge sums of money on it.

Anyway, I’m going to spend a few weeks doing something Succubus Research Diary related now. What could it be…?