Lots of scenes

Yes, lots of them. And I’m afraid that I’m not talking about family-friendly scenes.

The adult scenes in Succubus Research Diary will be largely choice-based. More specifically, the player can pick 3-5 sex acts each time the characters dive into bed together. There are 15 different sex acts to choose from, most of which have to be unlocked first. Each sex act has 5 short scenes associated with it, so there will be a total of 15×5 = 75 scenes to choose from.

Despite the game having a large number of sex scenes, I’ve put a lot of thought into each of them. Although there won’t be a lack of moaning and all that, there will also be some interesting (and sexy) dialogue in each of the scenes. So far, 60 out of 75 scenes are complete, and I’m quite satisfied with how they’ve turned out.

By the way, the total word count of the adult scenes is currently about 20000, and I suspect that it will go up to 25000 once I’ve written the rest of them. The whole game will be 50000-60000 words long, so… *ahem*… the adult scenes will make up a considerable portion of it.