Development status

The new project has been progressing steadily (if not quite as speedily as I had hoped). So far, I’ve finished making all interface graphics and character sprites, as well as marketing art, and programmed the new functionalities (that will, as hinted in an earlier post, make the game slightly more simulation-ish). In fact, the game looks complete enough that it could fool a player to think that it’s a finished product… for a short while, anyway. In other words, there’s a certain lack of content at the moment. I intend to do something about that.

By the way, I’m thinking of opening the Steam store page within two months from now. The actual release date will be somewhere around three months after that (give or take half a year).

Edit (February 22): Roughly 30% of the game is currently in a playable state. The overall progress is 60-70%. I’m going to work (at least) one more week on the game itself before starting to prepare the store page ready for the announcement. This should mean that the grand opening of the store page will happen… soon?