Lots o’ Sprites

Ahem… It seems to have been a while since the last update. Busy doing this and that, as the general excuse for laziness is often put into words. A PR catastrophe, as a sales expert might kindly suggest.

Anyway, the new project (hoping to publish the name soon…) is advancing slowly and unsteadily, but advancing still. Fast and steady would be certainly preferable, but not easily achievable at the moment due to my other obligations.

The story is still in a planning, episodic writing, and character design phase. As it was with Twin Blue Moons, writing the actual script will be most likely a relatively fast process once I have worked everything out.

The graphics, on the other hand, have progressed considerably. All background images (21) are ready for use. All character sprites (41, excluding expressions) are complete as well, although some work on the variety of facial expressions is still needed. A rhetorical question would be in place here, though: why did I choose to design 9 new characters and draw 3-6 outfits for each of them, despite having quite limited time on my schedule to work on the project? Because the story just *needed* them all… yeah, right…