New Project

Already working on a new visual novel? Yes, of course.

It doesn’t have a proper name yet, so I’m calling it Project S for now. S stands for Sarah, who’s the new protagonist. A quick google search reveals that many other people have come up with this unimaginative name as well, but LED lights, cars or sporty-looking youth have nothing to do with the Project S I’m talking about.

Project S will take place in the same world as Twin Blue Moons, but with a completely new set of characters. Well, perhaps one or two of the Twin Blue Moons characters might make a cameo appearance at some point.

Key words for Project S are Good, Evil, Maid, Mansion, and Yuri. Especially the last.

First screenshots to come during the next month (hopefully). That nice arc, if I may say so myself, is a part of a background CG.