Truly, a Curse!

Since the launch of Twin Blue Moons, I’ve been following the achievement progress with great interest. Although the general trend is roughly what I expected, there is one thing that I certainly didn’t expect: Curse of Misclicks being the rarest achievement.

The funny thing about Curse of Misclicks is that it’s literally the first achievement you can get. Yet even the Twin Blue Moons achievement, which requires playing through almost all content, is more common.

I probably shouldn’t spoil the fun, but I’m intensely curious if a blog post will have enough effect to rise the Curse from the depths of Abyss. Ah, the things I must do for Science.

Scroll forward to see how to unlock Curse of Misclicks    --------   When using the SMaRTPhone for the first time (in prologue), ignore the seducing glow of LINNE chat and keep selecting MaPS instead. After you have run out of MaPS related dialogue, you should be granted this elusive achievement.