Makai Wiki #11: The Great Abyss War (part 3)

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The Great Abyss War lasted for decades. Truces and even temporary alliances were made, but none of the goddesses were ever truly willing to trust their rivals to defend them in times of need. The war came to a stalemate as each of the Four was constantly investing more in defense than offense. In a battle royal of four, attacking anyone in full force would have left them exposed to the remaining two opponents.

Eventually, the Dragon Queen, the Goddess of Light, and the Lady of Night agreed to end the war. Only the Mistress of Souls, who was seemingly in the weakest position at the time, didn’t agree on their terms. Dismissing her unreasonable conditions, the other three decided to crush her opposition in a final battle.

The Mistress of Souls had few living warriors left in her forces. However, this didn’t slow her down as much as the others had hoped. The Mistress had developed the art of binding spirits of the dead to artificial bodies much further than the others had realized.

By binding a multitude of spirits to one body, the Mistress of Souls had accomplished creating a type of giant warrior with a deadly casting ability rivaling or even overpowering that of the champions.

However, soon after the beginning of the final battle, it became evident that the Mistress’s plan had backfired. As the giant warriors were damaged, they became unstable and started to absorb other spirits in their vicinity. Eventually, all dead spirits on the battlefield, whether they had been bound doll bodies or not, converged into a single huge monstrosity that was no longer controllable by anyone.

The battle was about to turn into a massacre as the berserking soul monstrosity kept growing in size and power each time a soldier fell. In the following chaos, each commanding officer of the allied forces of the three goddesses ordered their soldiers to retreat in hopes of sparing them from being devoured by the giant soul monstrosity.

There were only a few individuals who understood the true peril of the situation. If left unchecked, the unstable mass of souls could cause the collapse of the whole Makai in a matter of hours.

Ignoring the retreat order, “Red” Nanamiko, a famous front-line champion of the Dragon Queen, quickly gathered a party of the strongest warriors in each army in order to defeat the soul monstrosity. Even some of the top champions of the Mistress of Souls joined her effort, as the new threat was equally dangerous to their goddess as to the others.

Even for the gathering of the champions, it was no easy task to defeat the huge monstrosity. However, their eventual success not only removed the impending doom, but came to mark the end of the long war.