Makai Wiki #10: The Great Abyss War (part 2)

Part 1

During the Great Abyss War, none of the Four Goddesses ever left their own realms in Makai. The disadvantages of doing so were too great; not only they were sacrificing a great portion of their powers to uphold their magical fortresses, the goddesses’ powers were in fact poorly suited for direct combat.

Instead, each of them was focusing their efforts to develop magical technologies that would make their own army the strongest. Armies of the Dragon Queen and the Goddess of Light excelled in martial prowess, while the servants of the Lady of Night were cunning in their ways to manipulate space and time. The Mistress of Souls had by far the smallest number of living soldiers in her service, but the number of enslaved souls bound to her doll soldiers skyrocketed in the course of the war.

Besides their regular armies, each of the Four Goddesses also had a number of champions; individuals who had phenomenal prowess in martial magic. Often blood-related to the goddesses they served, the overwhelmingly strong champions were the ultimate defense of their masters.

Not all of the champions were content with standing on guard, though. They were feared opponents on the battlefield, often spearheading the advance of regular troops and tearing down enemy fortifications with their destructive powers. Such was their importance that the outcome of many a battle was effectively decided by a duel between rivaling champions.