Chatting with Nyanko: Nothing

<Maya>: Hmm…

<Nyanko>: Hm? What is it? Nyanko’s soooo interested! 😀

<Maya>: Umm… nothing. I was just thinking out loud… >_<

<Nyanko>: More like thinking out visually? textually? typographically? xD

<Maya>: Mmm… yeah. Anyway, I think I just managed to catch my lost thoughts before they wandered off too far =0

<Maya>: Maybe it pays to think out textually every now and then ^_^

<Maya>: And get a reaction ;O_O

<Nyanko>: Nyahahaha! You should be thankful to me! xD

<Maya>: Thanks a lot, Nyanko.

<Nyanko>: Nya… xD

<Nyanko>: You’re welcome 8)