Chatting with Nyanko: Crystal Ball

<Nyanko>: Maya-nyaa?

<Maya>: Yeah?

<Nyanko>: You know anything about crystal balls? *o

<Nyanko>: I found Rin’s old ball in the attic, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly :S

<Maya>: Can you see anything at all? 😮

<Nyanko>: Nyanko keeps seeing a big fiery eye on top of a tower >_<;

<Nyanko>: The eye-nyaa keeps saying something about a ring…

<Maya>: Uh… never heard about that O_O I’ll ask if Nami knows something…

<Maya>: Nami’s saying that it’s a known malfunction in some old crystal ball models.

<Maya>: Apparently most manuals recommend throwing the said ring into the nearest menacing fiery pit, but it can be also fixed by submerging the crystal ball in a bathtub =_=

<Nyanko>: Nyahahaha! I think I’ll try the latter one!

<Nyanko>: Thanks, Maya-nyaa *.*